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  • Apr 19,
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Local outreach and evangelism

Christ the Redeemer supports several efforts in outreach and evangelism in the North Shore area.

CTR's outreach efforts in the local area include:

One of our most recent outreach efforts is the Three Cords Coffeehouse. The idea for the coffeehouse grew out of the desire to open CTR to our North Shore neighbors in a way that utilized our church—and Parish Hall—as a welcoming community resource, the same impulse behind the Saturday evening service. Having the venue, along with an appreciation of the universal appeal of live music, and an interest in encouraging and showcasing a wide range of local artists evolved into an outreach opportunity that called to be explored. The enthusiastic response is a blessing from God and a result of the many people that contribute their time, talent and treasure to make this happen.

Some highlights of the Evangelism team's work have been visiting our neighbors (giving out leaflets on upcoming events at Christ the Redeemer and giving out copies of the New Testament) around the church on Saturdays in the fall and spring; serving popcorn and ice cream and visiting with neighbors who gather on the church grounds to watch the fireworks on the Fourth of July.

Christ the Redeemer's evangelism team also supports: