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Marriage course

Our next Marriage Course takes place in the Parish Hall beginning Wednesday, October 22 and runs for five weeks. Dinner for two, topic workbooks, and personal discussions are offered for $50 per couple. Scholarships are available. Whether you have been married 1 year or 61 years, this course will help strengthen your marriage. Please sign up in the Parish Hall. Questions can be asked of Lyn Shields or Willard Cook. There is more information here.

The Marriage Course is for any man and woman who knows how important it is to invest in their relationship, whether they have been together 1 or 61 years, and whether they have a strong relationship or are struggling.

The Marriage Course takes place in an appropriate atmosphere. Couples are treated to a full meal at a romantic candlelit table for two, while listening to practical Marriage Course talks, either live or DVD. The talks are interspersed with often-amusing film clips of couples talking about their experience of marriage, and street interviews from around the world.

During the course you will discover practical tools to help you:

  • Understand each other’s needs
  • Communicate more effectively
  • Grow closer through resolving conflict
  • Heal the ways you’ve hurt each other
  • Recognize how your upbringing affects your relationship
  • Improve relationships with parents and in-laws
  • Develop greater sexual intimacy
  • Discover each other’s love languages
  • And much, much more!

Relax. This course is designed for YOU. There is never any group work, and you will never be asked to share anything about your relationship with anyone other than your partner.