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  • 188 Elliott Street, Danvers, Mass.
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  • Sep 2,
  • Ordinary Time

Meals of Mercy ministry

This ministry provides meals on a short-term basis for individuals/families in need of care and support due to medical issues. Ministry members participate by providing and/or transporting meals when they are available to assist with a current need. Typically meals may be donated, purchased, or home-cooked. We have also experimented with the making and storing of frozen meals for emergency use, and would like to see this aspect of the ministry grow and develop to become a significant part of what we do.

This year we served approximately twenty families within our church community, in addition to several families not directly associated with Christ the Redeemer but living in our larger community on the North Shore. We plan to actively recruit more ministry volunteers for driving, cooking or purchasing meals in the coming year, as well as to reorganize and streamline the ministry to better serve the needs of the far-reaching Christ the Redeemer community.

Please consider what part, big or small, you might play in this important ministry. Many hands truly make light work!  Contact Don Daly (email) if you would like to learn more, or if you would like to join our team.