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Care and prayer

Pastoral care is one of the important ministries of the church. Is this ministry only for the clergy? No, of necessity it involves many of us who have the gift and heart of compassion to care for others. It certainly involves all of the clergy of the parish but it extends through many venues and persons to provide support for a great variety of circumstances.

The history of this care is seen in the early church that was organized in a more familial setting. We read in the book of Acts that there was a quality of fellowship and mutuality that was intended to reach every aspect of the lives of those involved. They met together so frequently that they functioned as an extended family. While this is not a possibility in our very mobile culture, the needs are the same.

There are a number of ministries at Christ the Redeemer that are designed to meet the variety of needs that exist in the community. The ministry of prayer is carried out through a very powerful network of intercessors. The ministry of healing prayer is conducted by members of the Healing Prayer Team and the clergy. Healing prayer involves every aspect of concern: physical, emotional, relational, and spiritual.

The third Saturday of every month is designated as a Healing Service. As a functional part of the Saturday evening service, healing prayer teams pray, confidentially, for individuals who express particular needs, and healing prayer is always available each Sunday during the 11:00 service.

In addition to the regular healing prayer ministry there are specially trained Prayer Team members who provide for in-depth prayer in response to referrals from the clergy or by other members of the community. These in-depth sessions are conducted in a confidential setting.

CTR also has a number of people who are specially trained to provide for Spiritual Direction. This is a process of meeting on regular intervals, usually monthly, to assist individuals in their spiritual growth.

Christ the Redeemer is blessed with a great many gifted and caring men and women whose mission it is to care for the needs of our church family and for others that we minister to in the wider community.

Parishioner Tanja Butler designed this icon to depict the founding core value, "Care in healing and support."