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  • Sep 2,
  • Ordinary Time

Parenting courses

There are two Parenting Courses—Parenting Children 0 to10 yearsold, and Parenting Teenagers 11 to 18 years old. Both are full of valuable advice and practical tips. Christ the Redeemer will offer the Parenting Children course first. Contact Willard Cook if you would like to find out when it will be scheduled. This will be given as a community service; the public is especially welcome to attend.

Parenting Children course sessions begin with something to eat and drink, which gives parents a chance to talk and get to know one another. When everyone is ready, they see a DVD talk. There are breaks in the talk to give guests the opportunity to discuss the issues that have been raised. Hosts facilitate the discussion. If many parents sign up for the course, discussion takes place in small groups, organized according to the age of the guests' oldest child.

Contact our parishioner Willard Cook, Executive Director of Alpha New England, (email) to find out when the next course will be scheduled.