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  • 188 Elliott Street, Danvers, Mass.
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  • Aug 31,
  • Ordinary Time


Since its inception, we have been intentional about being a praying parish. An intercessory prayer team prays weekly and assigns members to attend all staff meetings, Vestry meetings, and a number of special events at the church. Some of these intercessors also provide prayer cover for diocesan concerns and events. Vestry and staff members also have individual intercessors offering prayer cover.

The rector and prayer team prayed through the church buildings, land and office facilities in preparation for the church’s consecration in March, 2011. They celebrated a Holy Eucharist for the cleansing and rededication of the entire complex to God’s purposes.

The healing team is available to pray for individuals during the 11:00 Sunday worship service. A sub-group of this team also offers extended prayer sessions by appointment. The team meets regularly for discussion and training and gathers in smaller groups to give and receive prayer. 

Additionally, the Circle of Prayer (a separate group), intercedes confidentially on behalf of requests received by e-mail, telephone, or letter.

The team also offers support to the annual Rachel Weeping service, designed specifically for anyone who has experienced loss of life in the womb due to abortion, miscarriage, or stillbirth.

Parishioner Tanja Butler designed this icon to depict the founding core value, "Prayer as a way of life."