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  • Sep 3,
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Preparing for vocation

Priest Craft is a program designed for those considering Holy Orders in the Anglican Church or those interested in learning more about the structure and function of various special activities of the clergy. The gatherings are usually one evening a month for two and a half hours and are taught by the clergy. Topics such as visitation, pastoral counseling, hearing confession, preparing persons for marriage, the conduct of various services, and a wide range of other topics provide an excellent introduction for those who participate.

Faithful and regular attendance is required of students doing a formal course of mentored ministry or field education (this is a formal part of the supervision) and persons definitely intending to apply through the parish for Holy Orders (this is part of the parish’s process of discernment). For others, regular attendance is appreciated for continuity and mutual support.

The meetings generally have three components:
  • Evening Prayer
  • Mutual sharing and conversation around issues of vocation and discernment
  • Instruction in some of the actual sacramental and pastoral work of ordained ministry